Founded in 1994, INSAM is a not-for-profit foundation registered with Geneva's Department of Finance.

INSAM provides knowledge which participants can put to work directly in their personal or professional lives, in areas like personal finance and legal affairs, creating and running their own business, or tax planning.

INSAM's knowledge and experience is shared in three ways:

  • Seminars, typically a Saturday or one or two evenings.  They are designed to provide the right mix of academic and practical content to meet the purpose of the participants.  Each seminar is self-standing, although some may build on material from previous courses.
  • Workshops, typically one week (held in Geneva or abroad) designed to provide the right mix of academic and practical content.
  • Personal advising and coaching by INSAM's experts on such topics as Entrepreneurship, Investments and Retirement, Human Resources, Marketing, Management and Finances.

INSAM aims at filling the gap between university education and management training. Our instructors and advisers are made up entirely of practitioners and advisers in their respective fields of excellence. The philosophy of INSAM is to provide as much self-reliance as possible to seminar and workshops participants in their decision-making.

INSAM seminars and workshops are conducted in English, but participants may always express themselves in French. Personal advising can be conducted in English or French.